Akash Mudra - Remove Obstacles

When you do Akash Mudra you can either chant the Bija Mantra “Om Hum Namaha” (which increases space inside the body) or you can touch your tongue to the tip of the upper mouth area.

Along with the Akash Mudra, say the following statement to move towards your goal.

E.g. if you want to lose weight, then affirm the following: “I release my resistance to reducing my weight”

For other goals change “my weight” in the above statement to whatever you are trying to achieve.

The Akash (or Aakash) Mudra is also known as “Space Mudra” or “Jupiter Mudra”. The word “Akash” refers to space element. This Mudra is done by touching the middle and the thumb fingers in both hands as shown in the below pictures.

According to Naran, this mudra helps remove the resistance you face in your work or in your health. Naran says the following about this Mudra:

This Mudra activates Jupiter inside you and brings abundance in your life. It will expand your horizon and get wider views of life and you will become a good judge of the life’s events. The teacher in you will be activated too. Person who is mean minded and selfish will become broad minded and selfless. This generates blue energy and thus activates throat Chakra.

There is another viewpoint besides this; it is the power of positive thinking. If we keep thinking positive, positive things happen and if we keep thinking negative things, negative things happen.

Other uses for Akash Mudra are the following:

  1. It helps alleviate heart disease,
  2. Provides a cure for toothache
  3. Reduces ear pain
  4. Helps reduce weight

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Should not be done while eating or moving about.