Pushan or Acceptance Mudra For Anger Management, Digestion And More

Helps one to eat the right food in the right amount.

Pushan Mudra Left Hand

Pushan Mudra Right Hand

This mudra is very helpful for digestion and nourishment.  If you are unfamiliar with Mudra read this blog article.

According to Crystallotus.com, it is called Pushan Mudra because it is dedicated to the Hindu sun god, Pushan, the god of nourishment. It is also called as “Acceptance Mudra“.

How to do Pushan or Acceptance Mudra?

In the left hand, touch the top portion of the thumb with the top portions of the middle and ring fingers.

In the right hand, touch the top portion of the thumb with the top portions of the index and middle fingers and press gently.

Crystallotus.com says this mudra symbolizes accepting and receiving with the gesture of one hand and letting things flow, giving, and letting go with the gesture of the other. Both should be coordinated with each other in digestion. It influences the energy currents that are responsible for absorbing and utilizing food, as well as helping with elimination. It intensifies breathing and therefore the absorption of oxygen and the release of carbon dioxide in the lungs.

The mudra produces a relaxing effect on the solar plexus, the stomach area, liver, spleen and gall bladder. It also regulates energies in the autonomic nervous system, helps mobilize energies of elimination and detoxifies. You can use this to lessen nausea, seasickness, flatulence and bloating.

I do this Mudra along with the Chinese chant “Wu Chi” (pronounced as Woo and Chi as in chicken). It seems to calm the stomach quickly. I do it in my spare time before I eat and after I eat for 5 to 10 minutes.

Naran in his blog said this mudra also helps to alleviate tensions between parties and reduces anger.

Another interesting thing I find with this mudra, it reduces tension and nervousness before you give a presentation or meet with your client and boosts confidence.