Linga Mudra

Linga Mudra

For cough & cold, asthma, bronchitis, low blood pressure.

LINGA (ANGUSHTHA / LING): Thumb Posture, Phallus. Boosts the body’s immune system and loosens the mucous in the lungs. Makes the body more resistant to colds and chest infections. Those who habitually suffer from bad colds and incurable chest infections are advised to practice Linga mudra. Also helpful in weight reduction. Because of the heat it generates, this mudra can be taxing and can result in a feeling of lethargy.

Make a circle with your right index finger and thumb.  Touch their tips together.  Slip your left thumb up through them.  Form a fist like figure by interlocking all your other fingers while keeping the thumb of the left hand straight. Increases the resistance power of the body against cold and bronchial infections and change in weather. Gives power to the lungs, creates heat in the body and burns accumulated phlegm and stops production of phlegm altogether and invigorates the body completely.

As you’re doing the mudra, you’ll feel heat emanating from your chest and throat areas.

Excellent when you are cold due to shortage of cover in inclement weather.  Helps to relieve asthma.

Be sure to drink lots of good clean water, juice, milk, and to eat lots of fruit and ghee (clarified butter).

Don’t do this mudra for extended periods of time.

Helps with low blood pressure.



Angushtha mudra is also called Linga mudra (Phallus posture). Thumb
is a symbol of masculinity. It helps in increasing dynamism in a
person. It increases heat. Persons with bilious temperament should
practice this mudra under the guidance of an able and experienced
person, otherwise the increasing bilious wrath may lead to increase
in acidity in the body. Moreover, due to excessive heat, all these
ailments like pain, giddiness, dryness of throat and increased
burning sensation in the body may further increase. This mudra can
be used during winter season. It removes phlegmatic disorders.
Chronic cold is easily cured. It burns unwanted calories in the
body, thus reducing obesity.


For making Angushtha mudra, fingers of both the hands are
interlocked, and the left thumb is kept straight while the palms are
pressed against each other; pressure is also exerted on back portion
by fingers. Right thumb is to be placed at the base of left thumb
and pressure is to be applied. For the first time left thumb is kept
straight, and the second time pressure may be applied at the base of
right thumb. Angushtha (Linga) mudra is accomplished through both
the ways. Asana Padmasana and Ardha Padmasana are useful asanas for
Linga mudra. Those not successful in these asanas may use this mudra
in Sukhasana and Vajrasana.


The Angushtha mudra can be practiced early in the morning or on cool
nights. It can be practiced for 48 minutes at a stretch or in three
phases of 16 minutes each. Results Pacifies cough. Cures asthma and
cold. Cures sinus and paralysis.

Special note

As per acupressure therapy, practice of the mudra gives strength to the body. Pressure
on rear portion of the palm removes disorders present in the body.


Persons with bilious temperament should not use this mudra for
longer period. Persons with abdomen tumour are forbidden to practice
this mudra.