For: headache, insomnia, memory loss.

  • tranquilizer
  • helps in meditation
  • concentration

NB: no tobacco or non-vegetarian foods.  Medium temperature beverages.

Yogic Tranquilizer. Its practice ensures Mental Peace, Concentration of the mind and Sharp Memory, Spiritual enhancement, develops creativity.

The thumb and the index finger are brought together in gentle contact, not pressing hard, while all other fingers are kept upright. This is the mudra most people are familiar with.
Great thinkers such as Buddha, Mahavir, Christ and Guru Nanak are generally depicted in this pose.

It cures insomnia and mental disorders, and dissipates tension, depression and drowsiness. This is a must for those who aspire to develop telepathy or wish to acquire extrasensory abilities.

Gyan Mudra
This mudra is the one that you will use most often, since it encourages receptivity and calm, helpful attributes in any practice. To form it, press the tip of the thumb together with the tip of the index finger. This stimulates your knowledge and ability. The energy of the index finger is symbolized by Jupiter, the planet representing expansion.  The thumb represents the individual ego which is often stuck and resistant. When you apply the energy of expansion to the ego it opens more readily to new knowledge and experience.  If the breathwork or exercise you are doing is particularly powerful or dynamic, you may want to use the active form of the mudra. In this case, curl the index finger and press the pad of the thumb on the fingernail and the area just below it.