Pran MudraGet Money With “Find Count” Chant And Money Mudra

I was reading Naran’s blog about money woes faced by his client, who needed money for her marriage expenses. He told them to say the word “Find Count”, which is called a “Switch Word” coined by James Mangan in his book The Search of Perfect Living. He also recommended her “Sweet Chestnut and Walnut” Bach Remedies.
The “Switch Word” and “Bach Remedies” need separate articles, in this article I will focus on the “Switch Word” I learned and tested.
I doubted how one word “Find Count” can help solve the money problems, so I tried to see whether it works or not.

I did the following:

I chanted “Find Count” 108 times and also did “Pran Mudra” which is also called as “Money Mudra”.

Pran Mudra or Prana Mudra is done by touching the Thumb with the tips of Ring and Little fingers as shown in the picture. You do this on both hands. If you are not aware of Mudra click this article link here.

You can do this Mudra by sitting erect in a chair or you can lie down in bed and do this. The recommended time is 10 minutes but for good results do 30 to 45 minutes. You can even do this when watching TV or when you talk with others.
Naran S. Balakumar says the following about the purpose of doing this Mudra:

The mental state worry links with the scarcity situation. Lack of money = Worry. Enough money on hand creates a mental state of Relaxation and Calmness. When you do this Mudra, you activate your calmness. This calmness in turn, brings money into your life.

In my case I didn’t focus on Pran Mudra but did it whenever possible, but I mainly focused on the Switch Word “Find Count”.
I chanted “Find Count” 108 times and did a few repetitions in one day. The next day I received some funds from an unexpected source. I thought it was coincidence and tried it again, similar stuff happened, I received some more funds from another source. I couldn’t believe it but it happened.
You can also try it and let me know whether it worked or not. You can either say the Switch Word alone or do them both (Pran Mudra and Switch Word).
I think it has to do with positive thinking?


This Mudra called as Pran or Prana Mudra. Do the Mudra, by touching the Thumb with the tips of Ring and Little fingers, on both hands. Do it for at least 10 minutes a day. For better results do it for 30-45 minutes. Ideal position is to sit erect. However, you could do it, lying down, before going to sleep; while walking; or may be when your manager bores you with his lectures!


The mental state worry links with the scarcity situation. Lack of money = Worry. Enough money on hand creates a mental state of Relaxation and Calmness. When you do this Mudra, you activate your calmness. This calmness in turn, brings money into your life.

A student of Naran S. Balakumar was about to be fired. He did this Mudra for few days. Within a week, his job contract was renewed and got a good hike too. His feedback is, “I didn’t know when I went to sleep. Therefore, I can’t say, whether this Mudra works or not!”

The additional benefit of this Mudra is that you will sleep like a child. A child feels safe and secure under the protection of his parents. Therefore, you would feel safe and secure too.

While you are Relaxed and Sleeping, the Universal Mind is Awake and it works very hard to get not only what you want, but also more than what you want!

The above material is an extract from Mudra Class conducted by Naran S. Balakumar on Feb 14th, 2009. Please click the link to see the class material:


This mudra creates an energy bank within the body.  Good for keeping eye problems away and for improving eyesight.  Removes fatigue.  Keeps you fresh during a fast.  Makes skin glow and eyes shine.  Helps to remove sleeplessness/insomnia when done with Gyan Mudra.  Perform this mudra with concentration.



The vital air (pran vayu) enters the lungs along with breath. In turn, lungs mix it with blood and send it to the heart. Action of combustion starts when glucose present in cells and vital air (oxygen) present in blood come into contact, which produces energy.  The pranacharya have identified five types of air in the body – pran, apaan, samaan, udaan and vyaan. They are spread in various parts of the body. It is the pran that energizes the body. Excess or deficiency of pran creates imbalance. Pran mudra is used to strike the balance of pran and keep the body energetic.


The mudra, which is created by joining the tips of little finger (water element) and ring finger (earth element) with the thumb (fire element), is known as Pran mudra. It is a very powerful mudra. Asana Padmasana or Siddhasana makes the vital energy intense. By keeping the spine straight, the vital energy becomes active and vertically inclined.


Duration of 48 minutes is considered complete for systernatising the vital air. Since it may not be possible to practice this mudra for a complete duration at a stretch, it may be staggered into two or three phases. To start with, practice it for 16 minutes and gradually consummate it to the desired duration.


The deficiency of vital energy can be removed and it is then gradually increased by Pran mudra. It strengthens bronchial tube. Weakness of body, disturbance of mind and rigidness of feeling are removed.  Removes eye disorders and increases sight. Makes a man dignified. Makes a man Urdhvareta. Person comes across subtle elements and starts merging with the Eternal Soul. Develops concentration. The Pran mudra energises the whole of the body. It is helpful in regenerating the energy lost due to paralysis.


Pran is energy. It is power. It becomes virtuous with proper use of senses, mind and emotions. Otherwise it can lead senses towards attachment, mind to disturbance and emotions to perversion. As such efforts should continue towards balanced adjustment for the development of vital energy produced by Pran mudra, otherwise the increasing energy with body may channelise itself towards downfall instead of upward development.

Special notes

Pran mudra has simultaneous union of three elements: water, earth and fire. All these three elements come into contact and lead to chemical transformation in the body, which helps in balanced development of the personality. The Pran mudra is specially useful in meditational yoga e.g. fast. It helps in natural and easy consummation of meditation.


trust & patience
SUBMITTED BY D.K.KOTHARI, mumbai, India e-mail :-
preparation :- pray to God to remove your problem
Reiki 2 :
reiki 2 channel dissolve blockage in the finger side preferably whole palm
Draw mental & power symbol on palms for better results
Non-reiki people to rub their both hands for 1-2 mts to generate similar energy.
How to do:-
Join thumb with ring finger & little finger. Give light pressure. Keep other fingers straight
Pose :-

keep arms & spine erect. Hands can rest on thighs, chair handles, table, bed. Palms
preferably open to sky (in receiving mode for cosmic energy) Exhale more than inhaling
visualizing that the problems are going out with the breaths. Can be done sitting or lying
down. If need be, Can compromise on others except finger joining

Elements :-
earth & water joined by fire element ( 90% body constituents covered)
Benefits :-
  1. weakness reduces
  2. immunity system is strengthened
  3. blood circulation improves
  4. reduces problems related to Head, cervical spondolities sciatica, leg pain
  5. strengthens nerves, reduces nervous tension, reduces cramps
  6. reduces weakness in walking ( out of breath), headache, tiredness, physical weakness
  7. reduces ( fainting type ) lack of vitamins
  8. good after coming out of fever or operations or long fast
  9. improves eye sight
  10. helpful in reducing sleeplessness when done with gyan mudra
  11. improves cell and bone reproduction., helps blood purification & pressure
  12. helps in polio / paralysis / Parkinson disease, diabetes

Possibilities :

  1. helpful for cancer or aids patients as immunity system is strengthened and your body’s disease fighting strength goes up. It can also generate new cell
  2. good for old age & sick people


start with 10-15 mts thrice a day and can do more.

Remarks :-

drink more water when regularly doing it.
In case of less results, press slightly more. That is all.
Based on correcting imbalances in 5 elements which constitute the body.
Pran Vayu is very important Vayu among the ten types of Vayu-s which exist in the body. Pran Vayu is breath itself. It is found in the nostrils, face, heart and respiratory organs. It covers the the space till the navel.
Formation: The tips of little finger and ring finger are joined with the tip of the thumbs.
Effect: The major part of our body is Prithvi and Jal. Joining the finger tips balancing these elements results in increasing stamina, vitality, strength and immunity. This mudra starts the flow of vital energy in our body as if life dynamo has been started. While practising meditation along with this mudra, the whole body feels the vibration. Practising this mudra makes a person mentally and physically strong.
Benefit: Pran mudra helps to overcome the following disorders.

  • — Chronic fatigue, general debility,low endurance.
  • — Impaired immunity.
  • — Mental tension, anger, irritability, jealousy, pride, restlessness.
  • –Inflammatory disorders.
  • –Forgetfulness.
  • — Scanty, burning, urination.
  • Burning red, dry eyes, cataract.
  • Dry red hot aging skin, skin rashes, utricaria AND LEPROSY.
  • aNY AILMENT OF EYES IS CURED, eye-sight is improved.
  • — The element of earth, water and fire are joined, so this helps remove the obstacles present in blood vessels resulting in improved blood circulation.
  • — This mudra removes impurities pesent in blood and stimulates joy,energy, delight, zeal, hope and preservance.
  • –Prana mudra hleps remove any kind of deficiency of vitamins – A,B,C,D,E & K. All vitamins are provided by this mudra.
  • –Any types of cramps in muscles or veins and pains in the legs are cured.
  • –During fasts this mudra can help control huinger and thirst.
  • –To treat any disease Pran mudra is like a friend that helps other mudras.
  • — Numbness in any part of the body is cured by Pran Mudra.

(Please Note: Normally, both the hands (right and left) are used to perform Mudras)


Prana literally means LIFE. With the life giving energy of this mudra, every kind of infection and illness is overcome; the eyes have better vision; immune system improves, heart disease is cured.  Most of all you will obtain a lot of self-confidence. Fold the little finger and the ring finger to the thumb to form a circle.