How To

Mudras help to balance and direct energy in the right direction.  Just make sure you continue to do the mudra even as you progress.  Our bodies and energy systems work very hard to do what they think we want, and when we make a change in one direction, they can think that something has gone wrong and work doubly hard to get things back to the way they were.  So, keep doing the mudra over the course of weeks.  Except for the rare few mudras that say to do only until the change occurs.

When doing a mudra, you may feel an immediate energy shift.  An energy shift can be a lessening of pain, a sense of relaxing, you just let out a sigh, you no longer crave something inappropriate, you feel calmer, you feel more vibrant, more confident, happier, your headache goes away, your muscles loosen up, your spine feels straighter, your joints are more mobile, you aren’t angry, depressed.  You feel happy, healthy, and miracles actually start happening.

Mudras and spirituality are amazingly simple, direct, and powerful.  Even with a super-stubborn block, you can gently change and blossom.